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This is why ppl think DC govt is a joke…the folks supposedly leading act like children #goodgrief

This is embarrassing.

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Reporters removed from D.C. Council meeting

WASHINGTON - The D.C. Council ordered security to remove reporters from a closed-door meeting Thursday.

Council Chairman Kwame Brown said publicly the meeting was closed to the press because members will discuss “personnel matters,” which exempts the session from the District’s open meeting laws.

The meeting was called just two days after several members of the council cursed at one another during a private breakfast meeting (see tweets to right) and then continued to argue publicly and hurl personal insults at one another while debating an income tax increase.

Before Thursday’s meeting, several councilmembers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the meeting was called to discuss the fractured relationships between councilmembers and to bring an end to the public infighting and name calling.

Councilmember Jack Evans, the longest serving member of the council, told WTOP on Tuesday, “This is the worst council I’ve ever served on.”

Councilmember David Catania has publicly chastised councilmembers Michael Brown and Marion Barry for their personal tax problems. Catania also has called on Harry Thomas Jr. to resign after Thomas agreed to repay $300,000 to the D.C. attorney general’s office, which alleged the Ward 5 councilmember misappropriated funds.

During Tuesday’s private breakfast meeting, which reporters were allowed to attend, Catania told Councilmember Phil Mendelson he didn’t “give a shit” what Mendelson thinks after the at-large member complained about the personal attacks.

Thursday’s meeting is being held in the chairman’s office. WTOP’s Mark Segraves was there along with several other members of the local media, challenging the chairman’s decision to keep reporters out.