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The report is out: DC Council faults Gray for his administrations early missteps…tell me something I don’t know

Okay, so DC Council had to do their due diligence and they’re presenting a report. Regretfully, I don’t anticipate learning anything I don’t already know. I’m waiting for the FBI and Congressional investigations to conclude.

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D.C. Council committee faults Gray, aides for hiring problems

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s administration violated local and federal law, showed little regard for government money and damaged the city’s reputation through “nepotism and cronyism,” a D.C. Council panel concludes in a draft report expected to be made public Tuesday.

The special committee did not uncover direct involvement by Gray in his administration’s most controversial personnel decisions, but it sharply criticizes the conduct of several of his most trusted deputies and raises concerns about the mayor’s focus during the early days of his administration.

“Ultimately, Mayor Gray, as chief executive, is responsible for the actions and errors of his campaign, transition and administration,” the report states. “And when those actions and errors were discovered, it is unfortunate that the Gray administration did not act more swiftly to investigate and repudiate the unlawful actions that occurred.”

The 47-page report, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post, states that Gray appeared “essentially disconnected” and that he failed to adequately supervise his staff. The report blames three top aides: Judy Banks, the former interim head of the D.C. Department of Human Resources; Gerri Mason Hall, Gray’s former chief of staff; and Lorraine Green, the chairwoman of the mayor’s campaign and the transition.

“These individuals abused their authority and the mayor’s trust,” the report states. “It appears this trio acted with little supervision from Mayor Gray.”